Monday, 30 January 2012

First Time contd......

                  First Time Experience cont......

Now this girl was strikingly beautiful to make you will drool over in public she had a few spots on her face but overall she was good looking. Her friends was referring to her as Rani.
Rani: massage ka 500 service main kya lenge sir.
Me:  Kya packages hain.
Rani :500+300 main topless handshake 500 main body to body hot massage.
Me:  1000 wala
Rani : Payment kar digiye 
I paid 1000 bucks and then she went out of the room and told me to change into the towel meanwhile. I locked the door and undressed completely except for my underwear. Put on the towel opened the lock and lied on the table.
Rani came in dressed in a purple top and blue jeans. She put some oil on her hands and started massaging my chest wow her hands were soft.She massaged my chest both hands and legs completely front and back while massaging the legs she would come teasingly close to the groin and again recede. In between she asked me where I'm from and told she was a marathi and only in this business since last three days. She was very nice to talk to told me all about her family how she is doing this to help with her little brother's fees. She said she had joined a beauty parlor before but it does not pay much. She asked about the kind of work I do and what variety of customers she has to Deal with everyday. I must say she was good in the legal part of the massage. But that was not why I had paid 1 grand of my hard earned money. 

She took the towel off and hung it. Then she switched off the CFL bulb and lit the dim blue blue colored night lamp. I must admit the setting was extremely arousing. I slowly slid my hand under her top and started to feel her up over her bra. Wow her boob seemed really tight and I could see my penis almost sliding on its own out of my undies. She casually removed her top and pulled down my underwear to take off my completely erect cock. Then she unhooked her black bra and threw it in a corner wow those boobs were amazing compact and a handfull but not sagging. She really long nails and she was running it up and down my cock and balls with the other hand she was caressing my chest. meanwhile I was slowly massaging her boobs.Then she lowered her body and started kicking my chest and biting my nipples.
then she opened her jeans and climbed on top of me and started sliding her body against my oily body in her white panties.We were biting and licking each other's neck the whole time. As sex was not allowed in the massage parlor this had to be stopped she stood up and started giving me a slow titillating hand job i was meanwhile caressing her boobs with one hand and grabbing her butt with the other.
After about 5-7 mins after this I came she wipped my semen with napkins and cleaned me off with sprays of water. I sat up on the table she put a towel on my dick and placed her body right on my lap we chatted for about 10 mins.
Although we were completely naked the conversation was very nice and ethical I found her to be an extremely sweet lady with a wonderful nature. Not once did I judge her for the profession she was in. I paid her 500 tip extra and asked her real name which she told me graciously. We got dressed she gave me a nice warm hug wished me well and that was it.
After 1 month I thought of meeting her just casually but the parlor closed down.

First Time

First Time Experience

I am a guy from a small town of West Bengal known as Asansol. After my graduation from engineering I got admission into an IT company which brought me to the maximum city, Mumbai.
I had no friends in the city and i really had no interest in going to see the gateway or SRK's home for that matter as I had already seen them in my earlier family trip to the city.
Although my office was in Mumbai I was staying in a PG in thane which I got through an acquaintance. So it was my 1st weekend in the city and I couldn't think of a place to go. I was glancing through a few newspapers when my eyes fell on the classifieds page of Midday there i saw a section totally on fitness and it had advertisements of massage parlors. Ok call me naive but i pictured massage parlors to be like the ones they show on travel and living and they always seemed so relaxing and since I had a few extra thousand rupees I thought why not pamper myself with it.
So I called up one of the ads in Mulund Checknaka which was offering relaxing massage in private AC cabin by smart co-operative profiles. A nice female voice answered the phone.
Female:  Hello
Me:        Haan ji kya yeh massage parlor hain.
Female:  Ji sir aap kaha se bol rahe hain.
Me:        Main thane se bol raha hoon apka massage parlor kaha hain exactly.
Female: Kya ap Mulund Cheknaka main hotel shilpa jante hain.
Me:       Mulund Cheknaka toh janta hoon par hotel nahi.
Female: Koi nahi sir humara cheknaka ke paas hi hain ap yaha aa ke call kariye.
Me:       Ok packages kya ka hain (assuming mud pakes and stone therapy kind of offers)
Female: Sir 500 main full body massage head massage milega private cabin main smart profile se massage.
Me:       Aur extra offers nahi hain 
Female: Hain na sir uske liye apko yaha aa ke baat karna hoga.

The way she said private cabin I knew something was fishy. In fact now I was 80% sure what this was going to be I was wandering weather I should go or not after pondering for 1 hour I decided to go but decided no sex rest I am allowed to have all the fun i wanted.
I reached mulund cheknaka by auto crossed over to the mulund side from thane and there it was on the right hand foot Hotel Shilpa. I called up the number. I thought it was inside the hotel but instead she guided me to a tiny lane beside the hotel it was a road only for pedestrians a small bylane in fact between a sweetshop and a pan shop.The parlor was on the second floor of an insignificant old two storyed building just above a video renting store.
I was still in a dilemma but hesitantly I pushed the brown door open and entered. It looked more like a ladies beauty parlor because there were 4-5 girls aged 20-25 sitting there in a small room on chairs and one girl on the reception desk.
Before I could say anything the receptionist said "Ja Rani tera no. hain"
I slim tanned girl stood up and said "chaliye" I followed her onto a dimly lit room whhich had a massaging table made of cheap leather with a fresh towel on it, few hangers and 2-3 shelves with products like powder, oil gel kept on it.

The actual massage part to be continued.......